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Ellen Engdall

Ellen Engdall

Ellen Engdall was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended various schools in Pennsylvania and Michigan. After high school she attended the University of Pittsburgh and then moved to Miami where she spent the next 24 years in the export business. She and her husband moved to Oglethorpe County in 1999 to get out of the “rat race”. She considers her position with Oglethorpe Animal Clinic as her fun job, since she has always loved animals and at one time aspired to the veterinary field.

Pat Taylor

Pat Taylor

Pat Taylor was born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, but was raised in New Jersey. After finishing high school, she went to a vocational school and received a practical nursing license. She married Tom Taylor and raised three children continuing to work as a LPN for 10 years. In 1976 Pat and her family moved to her mother’s home place in Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

Shortly afterwards she changed her vocation to care for animals. She started working for Dr. Rita Ridgeway at the first Oglethorpe Animal Clinic in 1978. The clinic was then sold to Dr. Henry Brubaker and Pat remained. When Dr. Henry sold the clinic to his son Dr. Wayne Brubaker Pat stayed as she knew the clients and their furry friends better than anyone.

In 1993 Dr. Wayne Brubaker sold the clinic to Dr. Ed Rowan and Pat remained as Head technician. She is still working full time, and with her husband, is raising three of their grandchildren.




In memory of Skittles the clinic cat.
6/1/1996 - 4/10/2013

I Looked For You- A Cat Poem

I looked for you in all your usual places today but you weren't there,
I checked your favorite box and looked on your favorite chair,

I emptied your food bowl and washed it all clean,
Gave away your food and toys so they didn't have to be seen,.

Without your conversations the morning was not the same,
I told myself you were just a cat but still the tears came,

The paw prints on the desk that i would normally wipe away,
Looked more beautiful than ever, so I left them there today,
I thought that if I left them and kept everything the same,
It would mean you hadn't really gone, that it was just a hiding game,

So I looked for you in your box and in your favorite chair,
In all the usual places, I looked but you weren't there.



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